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About the Breed


The History

The history of the Australian Labradoodle is traced back to Australia in the 1980s when Labrador/Poodle crosses were carefully infused with other breeds (such as the cocker spaniel) that possessed traits the founders wanted to become more pronounced.  After generations of breeding these 'infused' labradoodles to each other, an established breed called the Australian Labradoodle has emerged.

Their Personalities

  • They are well-known for their comical and goofy, yet intuitive and calm personalities.
  • They are athletic and graceful 
  • They have a beautifully soft, non-shedding, low-allergy, and easy to manage coat
  • They are happy and friendly, never aggressive or dominant

The Sizes

Height is measured at the shoulder

  • Miniature: 14-16" tall; 15-25 lbs
  • Medium:  17-20"; 25-45 lbs
  • Standard:  21-24"; 45-60 lbs

Labradoodle Breeder

  • Low-allergy
  • Non-shedding
  • Easily maintained
  • Commonly referred to as 'fleece'
    • always soft and single layered
    • can be straight, wavy, or spirals

Colors and Patterns

  • Colors:  Caramel Ice, Caramel Cream, Caramel, and Caramel Red, Red, Gold, Apricot, Cream, Chalk, Chocolate, Café, Lavender, Parchment, Black, Blue, and Silver
  • Patterns:  Solid, Solid with white markings, Abstract, Parti, Phantom, Sable, Brindle, and Merle

Care and Grooming

While our labradoodles are low-shed, their coats do require regular care and grooming to keep them free from mats and looking so adorable!

  • Bathing: every month or so
  • Brushing: every week or so
  • Grooming: every couple of months
  • Supplies: dematting tool, slicker brush, metal comb, thinning shears, and nail clippers

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